The MPA Strikes Again!

Pictorial Story of the 106 Mirage M5 B of the Belgian Air Force

In 2008, a small publication about the Belgian Mirage 5B is released by the MPA (Mirage 5 Pilot Association) ; it tells, in the French and Dutch languages, the beginnings of a long love story between the Belgian air force and the delta from Dassault: procurement, pilots formation in France, re-birth of the 8th Sqn, first flights over Belgium,..

The association eventually published, in 2018, a ‘Bible’ of almost 450 pages dedicated to ‘The Unique Story of the Mirage M5B in the Belgian Air Force’.  Contributions from many civilian and military sources made this publication a real ‘must’ for anyone interested in the Dassault delta-winged fighter.  And yet as big and comprehensive this Bible was, the MPA still had a few cards up their sleeve…

And thus, early this year, as we all try to cope with the Covid crisis, comes a very welcome surprise, another big volume (322 pages) filled with numerous, most never-published before, pictures of each of the 106 Mirage 5 of the Belgian air force.  Some pictures also show the Elkan variant sold to Chile.  Small English captions accompany the pictures and each aircraft also benefit from a superb colour profile drawn by Johan Wolfs. Both type of camouflage sported by the Belgian Mirages are illustrated, as are some bare metal birds.  A book of few words but a real treat for the eyes!

This third ‘must-have’ book for the fans of the Belgian delta can now be ordered from  Info about postage can be obtained there too.  Don’t delay your purchase too long as this is, as is usual with the MPA publications, a limited edition print.

Review by Michel Willot; pictures by MPA and Michel Willot.

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