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Would-be Tank Hunters

Soviet self-propelled anti-tank gun SU-101/102, late configuration

OKB Grigorov 1/72, Ref. 72081

The Uralmash-1 was a self-propelled anti-tank weapon developed during the later part of World War II, with the chassis of the T-44 as a base and meant to replace the SU-100 that had just entered service in the Soviet army.  Two prototypes, with different armament were built in early 1945, one with the 100 mm D-10 tank gun (SU-101), the other with the 122 mm D-25S tank gun (SU-102). While mass production was initially recommended, the end of the war with Germany in May 1945 eventually caused the project to be cancelled.   

OKB Grigorov has released, not that long ago, the Uralmash-1 in its two configurations.  No less than 111 resin parts are offered, some very small and delicate, along with 87 photo-etched parts and a small instruction sheet. 

As can be seen, the hull is in two parts and as is usual with this Bulgarian artisan, the tracks are made of long flat sections, parts of which will need careful bending (under warm water for instance) to fit around the wheels.  This is certainly a tricky part of the build but, in my opinion, a better alternative than photo-etched tracks.  The other resin parts include the two type of guns, wheels, fuel tanks, etc, while the photo-etched parts, on three individual frets, represent the parts that would be too small or too thin to be made from resin.  Some of the PE parts do require folding. 

There are no decal sheet but that does not seem to be an issue here, the rare pictures available of the two vehicles do not show any markings.   

This really is a great-looking kit, certainly not recommended for a newcomer in the hobby but that an experienced modeller can turn into a little jewel.

Review by Daniel Clamot; pictures by Daniel Clamot & OKB Grigorov


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