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Last Chance Warriors

Volkssturm. Berlin 1945

Zvezda 1/72, Ref. 6272

The Russian company that we know for their excellent aircraft and armour scale model kits have been also very busy releasing numerous board games and wargames for different markets. The wargaming community can thus take advantage of Zvezda’s wide range of 1/100 and 1/72 aircraft, helicopters, AFVs, softskins and figure sets to furnish their table top reconstitutions and campaigns.

The 1/72 figure sets range is increasing in size at a rapid rate, and the latest released set, ‘Volkssturm. Berlin 1945’ is a mini set of 5 figures (two of them being identical), primarily aimed at the Art of Tactic wargame, could and should interest the ‘static’ scale modeller in search of good quality figures to ‘furnish’ their latest small scale armour diorama.

The figures are molded in hard plastic, in this case each made up of two or three parts; they feature good details, the faces, hands and weapons being particularly well rendered. The included individual sandbags are a bit stiff but that’s not a very big issue. The set includes small bases, either for individual figures or the complete set, if anything handy for holding on to while painting the figures! This set is also interesting because four of the the figures are in ‘non-firing’ poses that make them particularly suitable for most dioramas (the fifth could easily be modified for that purpose).

We would certainly advise all ‘braille scale’ WW2 and modern AFVs (in particular!) modellers to have a better look at Zvezda’s catalogue, it includes some very interesting sets (some counting as many as 25 figures) such as Romanian infantry, Soviet militia, Soviet Snipers,…

Review by Domi Jadoul; pictures by Zvezda and Domi Jadoul.

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