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Brussels Air Museum Magazine Issue 189

The ‘Friends of the Air & Space Museum’, or AELR is a Belgian non-profit organisation that, amongst other things, is dedicated to the restoration of the aircraft of the Brussels Museum; the Brussels Air Museum Magazine is their quarterly publication.

Each issue of the magazine is filled with information and updates about the current restoration projects, about flying machines designed or operated in Belgium and about aircraft and spacecraft in general.

This latest issue features the following subjects:

  • The restoration of the Museum’s LVG C.VI ;
  • Moon conquest ;
  • The SABCA-Avro 504N ;
  • The Junkers F.13 ;
  • The Stampe SV4C ;
  • And the latest news about the Museum and the association.

All over 32 pages, not counting the cover pages. The magazine is bilingual, French and Dutch.  The articles are very interesting, well-researched and often illustrated with never published before pictures, most coming from the Museum’s own library.

The magazine is published for the benefit of the AELR members; the yearly membership fee for Belgian residents varies between 10 euros for Juniors to 30 or 40 euros for adult members (depending on the level of support and advantages one wants to give and get) and is set at 35 euros for members living abroad. 

For those of you interested in becoming a member of this association, here is the contact e-mail:

Review & pictures by Daniel Clamot.

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