Kamazing Typhoon!

Russian Armored Vehicle Typhoon-K

Zvezda 1/35, Ref. 3701

‘Typhoon’ is a family of modern Russian mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) armoured vehicles developed from a common engine, suspension, protection and control systems.  Two, three and four axle vehicles are part of this family.  Over 100 companies are involved in the programme.

The Kamaz Typhoon-K that particularly interests us here is a large 6×6 APC designed for carrying up to 16 soldiers.  Introduced in 2015 in the Russian army, about 315 Typhoon-K are thought to be in service today with Russia’ special forces and military police, some of which were spotted in Syria as early as 2017.

Zvezda’s kit comes in a usual sturdy brown cardboard box and a full-colour attractive sleeve containing a lot of plastic, 372 separate parts moulded in grey and clear plastic and black rubber. Also included is some plastic mesh, silver stickers (for the mirrors), a decal sheet, a full-colour painting/decaling guide and a black & white building instruction booklet.

This is a large model, 22,7cm long when completed.  Allowed ‘out of the box’ options include open or closed rear hatch/door, open or closed roof hatches and open or closed cab doors, and three sets of markings for either a vehicle of the Russian Federation armed forces group in Syria (2017), one very similar belonging to the Far Eastern Military District (2018) and a slightly more colourful vehicle of the Russian special forces brigade, also in the Far East (2017).  

The chassis looks at first glance a little complicated to build, but with a bit of care and patience, it can surely offer a lot to those wanting more dynamic poses for their dioramas.   

With all those hatches and doors that can be left open, it’s good to see Zvezda have included a lot of parts to furnish the cab and rear cabin.  Templates are also given to cut the mesh so that it can cover up the various air intakes and exhaust grilles on the top of the hull.

The rubber tyres are very neat but, in my eyes, remain the weakest point of this pretty amazing kit: Weighting them down will be difficult to achieve.    

Review by Domi Jadoul; pictures by Zvezda & Domi Jadoul.  


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