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9/11 Lifesavers

First Responders

Paulus Victor 1/72 & 1/48, Ref. PV-002-72 & PV-002-48

The latest decal sheets coming from this very interesting Croatian company is dedicated to a number of UH-1 Hueys that were amongst the first responders at the Pentagon on that infamous day, the 11th of September 2001.

As usual with the work from this company, there has been an awful lot of research done on the subject and a lot of info is included with the actual decal sheet.  This Paulus Victor decal sheet comes in a A5-sized zip-lock bag containing an attractive full-colour envelope sporting the ‘box art’, advice on using the decals along with precise info and close up pictures showing off the various special features of the Hueys involved in this operation. 

The envelope itself contains a further full-colour instruction sheet offering historical background, useful advice on painting and weathering plus the actual 5-views (left & right side, top, bottom and front views) placement and colour (with Federal Standard references) instructions for each of the four Hueys that can be modelled with this sheet. 

Then obviously comes the proper decal sheet and a neat little ‘extra’ in the form of a National Guard sticker that may be a sweet little addition to any display base. 

Each of the four subjects is also pictured on this instruction sheet and links are given for a number of video clips that feature those particular machines.  Last but not least, the decal sheet includes a great number of extra markings that could be used on other Hueys, or other models.

The four Hueys for which full markings and stencils are provided are two UH-1Vs from the 121th Medical Company of the District of Columbia National Guard and two US Army UH-1Hs of the 12th Aviation Battalion, all based at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, at the time of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon.

This is a highly professional-looking and cracking product that really brings History to life and literally pushed me to purchase a 1/72 Huey kit for immediate consumption!

Paulus Victor are a fairly recent arrival on the scale modelling scene; their first few decal sheets, all as well researched as this latest one, were aimed at the 1/144 military aviation enthusiast, but they are now getting involved with bigger scales such as 1/72 and 1/48, as is the case with this ‘First Responders’ sheet. 

Review & pictures by Domi Jadoul

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