Figure Painting Bible

Figure Painting Techniques – F.A.Q.  by Kirill Kanaev

AK Interactive, Ref. AK630

This book, covering materials and tools to the various stages involved in the building and painting of figures, represents a comprehensive reference for the figure painter.

Its 484 pages are divided into six well illustrated chapters and a very useful comparison chart for AK, Tamiya, Vallejo, Mr Hobby, Abteilung 502 and Reaper paints.

The first chapter deals with the various types of paints one can nowadays find on the market, namely enamels, lacquers, acrylics and oils but also introduce varnishes and thinners along with necessary and recommended tools including brushes, airbrushes, putties and glues.

Advice on organising one’s work area and on prepping one’s figure follows in Chapter 2.  Chapter 3 deals with colours and their mixing.  Chapter 4 is all about ‘light’, its influence or effect on painting particular items or areas of the figure.  Chapter 5 is dedicated to the use of acrylics and oils in terms of adding depth and highlights through the use of washes and drybrushing.  Finally, the last chapter, by far the longest, brings in advice on painting skin, eyes, hair, clothing, items of animal origin, metals (including non-metallic metal painting), wood, glass and jewellery.

Seasoned figure painters may know most of what is dealt with in this book (but who knows?) but it certainly is a very good addition to the library of those who wish to start figure painting or develop their existing skills.

Review by Daniel Clamot; pictures by AK Interactive.

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