Bomb’s Nest

SUU-20 dispenser w/ BDU-33 & Mk.76 bombs

Eduard 1/48, Ref. 648566

The SUU-20 is a bomb dispenser and rocket launcher enabling carriage and release of four 2,75in. (70 mm) Folding Fin Aerial Rockets (FFAR) and 6 practice bomblets.
Several bomblets (inert) may be carried: the 25 lb. BDU-33 (U.S. Air Force designation) is designed to simulate the Mk.82/84 live bombs in low drag configuration; the same bomblet is designated Mk.76 by the U.S. Navy. The SUU-20 is also rated for the 5 lb. Mk.106 designed to simulate the Mk.82 Snakeye live bomb in high drag configuration. The dispenser measures 310 cm. in length and is 91,5 cm. wide for a weight of 125 Kg. It can be used on many aircraft: F-15, F-16, F-111, F-5, Alpha Jet, etc.

The Belgian Air Force has been using the SUU-20 on their F-16s and Alpha Jets. In the meantime, the A-Jet has been removed from service and the dispenser is now obsolete for the F-16 (having been replaced by the MPBA – Multi Purpose Bomb Assembly). On the F-16, the SUU-20 could be installed on station 3 and/or station 7. The Belgian A.F used both the BDU-33 and Mk.106 practice bombs.

What a great idea by Eduard to provide the modellers with a kit of the SUU-20 under the Brassin logo, which will allow the modeller to display his/her model in a familiar training configuration. The sturdy cardboard box includes 45 resin parts, a photo-etch fret (16 parts) and a small decal sheet. The practice bombs supplied are six BDU-33 and six Mk.76. For the rockets, four head sections and four tail sections will do the job. Options are also provided for the bomblets: short or long tail section, with or without circular fairing around the fins. The small decal sheet takes care of the white service markings for the practice bombs and head of the rockets.

The A5 instruction leaflet is easy to use and provides the necessary data for the options. Painting instructions include references for Gunze/Mr Hobby (both Mr Color and Aqueous).

This is of course all in Eduard’s typical high quality and modellers desiring to build a Belgian A.F. F-16 or A-Jet in training configuration will be quite happy with this kit. It’s just too bad the Mk.106 practice bomb is not included, but as it has a simple cylindrical body, it might be easy to scratchbuild.

Review by Didier Waelkens; pictures by Eduard & Daniel Brackx.

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