New Black Death!

Soviet Attack Aircraft IL-2 Shturmovik

Zvezda 1/48, Ref. 4825

The Ilyushin Il-2 Shtourmovik certainly was one of the best ground-attack aircraft of the Second World War and with over 36,000 of them built, holds the record for the single most produced military airplane design in history.

Nicknamed ‘The Hunchback’ by the Soviets and ‘Black Death’ by the Germans, the Il-2 was an essential weapon against the German army, and Stalin even said that the machine was as essential to the Red army as was bread and air.

Zvezda has released a brand new 1/48 kit of this famed aircraft, in its early war, single-seater guise, and therefore different from the Tamiya and Accurate Miniatures offerings.  The kit includes no less than 283 parts on 4 grey and oner transparent plastic runners. 

As is now usual with Zvezda, the parts are finely molded, with fine engraving and surface details, including some raised panels, and options for some others. The engine is well represented, as are the tyres (with accurate thread), wheels and landing gear legs and of course, cockpit (including two main instrument panels to choose from).  Of particular interest is the ingenious way in which the wings are split, along with the ‘spars’ that fit between them to allow for strength, perfect fit and dihedral.  Obviously, other variants are in the making as can be seen with the bomb bays.  A pilot is included.  Options are also available for the multi-parts canopy.

Colour schemes and markings are provided for four Soviet Il-2s and the well-printed decal sheet includes a large number of stencils.  

Review by Daniel Clamot; pictures by Daniel Clamot and Zvezda.

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