Thai Delights

Royal Thai Army 1930-45

Black Lion Decals 1/72, Ref. BLD72064

It’s a very interesting new decal sheet that Black Lion Decals have just released, featuring markings for several armoured and non-armoured military vehicles operated by the Thai army between 1930 and 1945.  There are a few ‘usual suspects’ amongst the covered subjects, such as the Vickers 6ton and the Carden-Lloyd tankette that made up a large part of the Army vehicles before the outbreak of WW2, and the Japanese Ha-Go as seen in 1945, but the sheet also covers some far more exotic subjects that may require some scratch-building or conversion work on existing plastic, resin and/or metal kits. 

The markings are printed on a continuous decal sheet and require careful cutting out, one by one.  A coat of Klear (or similar clear varnish) should be applied before the cutting out start as the decals are very thin, but therefore fragile.

Review by Domi Jadoul; pictures by Black Lion Decals.

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