Farewell Mirage

Mirage 5 BD BD12 ‘Mirage Farewell’ Belgian Air Force 1993

Syhart 1/48, Ref. 48-121 & 1/72, Ref. 72-121

When the Mirage 5 were retired from the Belgian Air Force, a two-seater, BD12, was given a neat overall silver livery adorned with the badges of the squadrons that flew the delta-winged aircraft.  This particular aircraft entered service in June 1971 and was retired in January 1994, to be sold to Chili as ‘725’, where it is now an exhibit at the Aera Cerro Moreno air base in Antofagasta.

French artisan SyHart has had the excellent idea to offer us a decal sheet, in 1/48 and in 1/72, for this specially decorated aircraft. This is a relatively small and simple sheet that includes all special markings and the ‘stencils’ that were left on the aircraft after repainting.  The ‘SyHart’ quality is definitely there.

The recommended kits are, in 1/48, the Mirage III BE/D/DE/DS/D2Z from Kinetic (Ref. K48054) and in 1/72, the Mirage III BE/DS/D2Z/5BD from PJ Productions, to be used along with the MB Mk.10 ejection seats from the same Belgian artisan (Ref. 721210).

Review by Daniel Clamot, pictures by SyHart.


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