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Eduard 1/72, Ref. 2130

Czech brothers Bohuslav and Vladimir Simunek started building the Kunkadlo in 1926. The aircraft first flew the following year and was modified, its wing being moved backwards and upwards, before taking part, piloted by Vladimir, to a number of airshows. Grounded in 1930 because of technical issues, it lay un-used until 1967, when it was restored under the guidance of the two brothers to become part of Prague’s Technical Museum’s collection.

Eduard certainly need congratulating for daring to release an injected-plastic kit of this unique civilian machine! 

The box only contains a single sprue, clear acetate windshields (2 are provided), a decal sheet (only one scheme) and a PE fret that includes the rigging.

It’s a tiny model, barely over 6.5cm in length.  There are 24 parts, including two that are not meant to be used (the covered wheels – spoked wheels are provide in PE); the tiny engine is made up of 4 parts, the wing comes as a single item.

Eduard have come up with an ingenious system to position the masts: the two sets (front and rear) are linked by a part that fits under the fuselage and ease their correct positioning.  There are no pins to help with the fitting of the fuselage halves, but the parts are designed so that the small exhaust pipe at the front and the fin (part of the right-hand fuselage half) make pins un-necessary.

The PE fret includes seat belts and as mentioned above, spoked wheels and rigging. The latter is flat but very thin.  Those wanting their rigging made a more… traditional way can still use the PE parts as template!

The decals appear to be of an excellent quality.

I can only admire Eduard’s idea of offering this beautiful little kit of this really cute little airplane.  We can only hope that this special edition kit will be followed by other oddities that pepper the history of aviation.  A Bataille triplane or a Renard Epervier would indeed be very welcome addition to this Kunkadlo!

Review and pictures by Daniel Clamot.

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