Tiny Fish!

RN Trafalgar-class submarine

OKB Grigorov 1/1200, Ref. 120001

After having developed a sizeable range of 1/700 submarine kits, OKB Grigorov have started releasing some 1/1200 kits.  Un-surprisingly, knowing Georgi Grigorov’s fondness of Old Blighty, the first kit of this new range is a Trafalgar-class sub from the Royal Navy.   The kit comes in a tiny box, barely bigger than a matchbox in fact, and includes 5 resin parts and 4 (if counting the three making up the stand) photo-etched parts. 

Those little subs, like their bigger brothers (or sisters, rather!) are the result of CAD and 3D-printing, the quality is there.  The resin is faultless, the cleaning up of the parts is easy, and assembly is eased by the presence of a small instruction sheet.  RN Trafalgar is just 7cm long in this scale, and the kit includes an alternative rear cone for the other ships in the class.  My only ‘gripe’ with those OKB subs is the lack of at least a tiny little decal sheet, as those sub markings are not the easiest to reproduce by hand!  Some may begrudge the ‘engraving’, obviously a bit overscale, but still very neat and fine.  To be fair, any engraving at this scale has to be overscale..!  So let’s just rejoice that this kit and this new range come to boost the available kits at this popular scale.   

Here are some pictures showing kit 120007, RN Upholder/Victoria-class submarines, and the much larger (over 12cm long!) Soviet Delta III (120002) that are part of this new range.


Review and pictures by Dominique Jadoul.

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