Super Kitty!

US Navy F-14A Tomcat

FineMolds 1/72, Ref. FP30

It’s a superb kit, possibly the best Tomcat ever produced all scales taken into account that FineMolds have released a few months ago.  At first, the design looks a bit complicated, and a bit like that of a Gundam kit, with a number of parts to be snapped together. 

Given the scale, out of the box, the level of detailing is just out of this world: numerous bays can be left open to reveal the innards of the big cat and the cockpit (all plastic, with or without decals for the instrument panels) is really well furnished, with only seat belts to be added (some are available separately from FineMolds). 

The canopy features a pesky mold line that will require sanding down and polishing, but on the other hand, is really nicely curved like it should be.  This Kitty is only laden with external fuel tanks, one will need to look for another source of missiles somewhere else but do note that FineMolds do offer them separately too, along with other F-14 goodies such as the Alpha probes in turned brass.  Markings-wise, two beautiful options in the form of a VF-84 ‘cat in 1978 and one from VF-111 in 1982.   Simply beautiful!

Review and pictures by Dominique Jadoul.

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